Video Chat Plugin for DAW

You can now collab with artists via video chat inside your DAW!

If you’re here I’m assuming you already know what a DAW is. However, if you don’t then here is a quick definition.

DAW stands for digital audio workstation. It’s the software artists and producers use to make music.

Examples of a DAW are Fl Studio, Ableton, Logic Pro, etc.

2021 is off to great start for music creators. That’s because the music Tech company LANDR just released ‘sessions’.

Why is this such big news? Well, now you can literally collaborate with artists or producers while you work inside your DAW.

What is Sessions? The Zoom for Musicians? 

Sessions is a video chat plugin for your DAW. It is the first video chat built specifically for musicians. It’s the Zoom for musicians.

Sessions gives you the ability to work on projects while you video chat someone. You can share your screen via the chat as well.

Unlike zoom, this plugin works inside your DAW. This way you can work in real time while you chat.

Sessions allows musicians to:

    • Get feedback from collaborators
    • Produce and write songs remotely
    • Offer online music lessons
    • Preview tracks for clients

No More Sharing Files Back and Forth

As a music producer, this is huge. When I first started making beats back in 2013 I was all about collaborating with other producers. It is a great way to network and sharpen your skills.

However, every producer I wanted to work with either lived out of state or across the globe. As a result, we had to collaborate on beats through email.

This was tough to say the least. A process that could take one day in the studio dragged on for weeks. Something as simple as adding a hi-hat pattern could take days of sending large files back and forth via email.

It was also very hard to share our thoughts about certain areas of the track. Usually one of us would just bite our tongue and deal with parts we wanted to change.

Since 2013 FaceTime or Zoom has really only been used to talk. We never used it to collaborate due to the lack of audio quality and set up.

However, now with sessions the newer generation of producers can easily collaborate.

Easy Setup

Sessions works like any other plugin. You simply install the plugin then add it to your master bus.

Then you open the plugin and begin chatting. That’s literally it!

Sessions is free for up to 15 minute chats. After that you’ll need to get a yearly subscription for only $49.


In conclusion, sessions is a plugin worth checking out. It could save you a lot of time and help you secure new opportunities.

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