Clark Pro Audio, LLC

Clark Audio, established in 2016, emerged from the creative vision of Kameron Clark, a versatile individual encompassing the roles of music producer, sound designer, and graphic designer.

Kameron’s journey into the music realm began with the creation of distinctive loops, which he shared with fellow producers for collaborative endeavors.

Encouraged by the positive reception and escalating demand for his loops, he took the bold step of founding Clark Audio in 2016. The purpose was clear: to provide music creators with high-quality, royalty-free samples.

Since its inception, Clark Audio has flourished, transcending its humble beginnings as a one-person venture. It has evolved into a close-knit team of talented sound designers, producers, and software developers hailing from various corners of the globe. Along the way, Clark Audio has made substantial contributions to notable brands such as Native Instruments, Spotify, LANDR, and many others, actively participating in their product development.

Our mission is straightforward: to craft music production tools that endure the test of time, and matures like fine wine. In a world saturated with a multitude of choices that can often overwhelm, we pride ourselves on maintaining a boutique approach. We are committed to catering to the discerning needs of our users, fostering an intimate connection with each individual.

Our driving force is the aspiration to awaken the dormant spark of creativity, passion, and originality within every person who encounters our products.


Made With Passion. Made With Love. Clark Audio.




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