Free Trap Drum Kits

Free trap drum kits can be found all over the internet. You can find them on reddit, on youtube, on blogs, etc.

However, once you start downloading drum kits you’ll notice a trend. A lot of these kits contain the same old sounds. I’m talking about the same trap sounds that have been around for years. People tend to just re-name and re-package drum kits.

As a result, finding original free trap drum kits can become exhausting.

Luckily we put together an ultimate list of free original trap drum kits. So, you can download these pack confidently knowing they’re full of samples that will spark new ideas.

Trap Vibes Sample Pack

free trap sample pack, free trap drum kit

Trap Vibes refers to the ‘Trap’ culture created in the Rap industry. It is not to be mistaken with the EDM Trap genre. This pack offers you a bit more than a free trap drum kit. It also comes with 808 loops, drum loops, melody loops, and of course drum samples.

It also contains vocal chants that were sampled from old films dating back to the early 40s. All together this pack contains 210 royalty-free samples.

Download Trap Vibes Sample Pack HERE


Mind Blown Free 808 Drum Kit

free 808 drum kit, free trap 808s

When it comes to Trap music 808s are a leading instrument. As a result, you’re going to need a decent sized collection of 808s to help you produce trap. Luckily you can download the Mind Blown 808 kit for free. This pack comes with 45 original 808s. Each 808 was first designed inside of Serum. Then they were processed with additional effects. You’ll find a mixture of both clean and distorted 808s in Mind Blown.

Download Mind Blown 808 Kit HERE

La Flames Free Drum Kit & Sample Pack

travis scott drum kit

Travis Scott is known for his unique sound. This sound tends to contain dark melodies, heavy 808s, and hard hitting drums. The La Flames drum kit & sample pack was inspired by this sound. Inside this pack you’ll find drum loops, melody loops, sound effects, and drum samples.

Download La Flames Kit Here

Hip Hop Essentials Sample Pack

free hip hop sample pack, free hip hop serum presets

Hip Hop & Trap tend to use similar sounds. As a result, the hip hop essentials kit will work well with trap. 252 files inspired by some of todays most popular Trap & Hip Hop songs. Therefore, there is a little bit of everything in this pack. This includes MIDI loops, drum loops, melody loops, sound effects, and drum samples.

Download Hip Hop Essentials Here


In conclusion, there are many free trap drum kits available online. However, if you’re struggling to find original samples we recommend downloading these packs. You can also find more free kits here.