Best LoFi VST Plugins

To celebrate our newest Lo-Fi VST plugin we’ve decided to list the best lofi plugins available online. These plugins will bring you that nostalgic lo-fi vibe.

1. Lush Lo-Fi VST

Price: $50

Our plugin Lush is focused on lo-fi vibes. As a result, you’ll find over 100 live recorded instrument sounds. We recorded and sampled a variety of vintage instruments including a Back Bb Trumpet, Fender 70s Jazz Bass, Wooden Native Flutes, Grand Piano, & much more. Each note was recorded with multiple velocities and round-robins for both the sustain and release sections of the sound. Delivering you an expressive and natural sound.


2. Lo-Fi Glow

Price: $49

Native Instrument’s recently released Lo-Fi Glow. A VST featuring 150 presets. This plugin also features a panel for sound designing your own presets. A cool feature is the A & B sections. You can create your own sound by combining two sounds using the A & B section. Instruments include Keys, Organs, Guitars, Vintage Synths, and more. Lo-Fi glow also features a very pleasing user interface. Making it simple and easy to follow. One of the newest lofi plugins.


3. RC-20 Retro Color

Price: $79

This plugin dose not feature any instruments. However, it can add a lo-fi saturation to any sound. This is one of the most popular of the lofi plugins. It works by adding textures and saturation inspired by vintage gear. You can get a VHS or Vinyl effect to name a few. Using this plugin on Lush VST or Lofi Glow will give you amazing results.

5. WowCtrl

Price: $129

Wow Control is another must have for you lofi plugins collection. It gives you control over the wow fluctuations of frequency response. As a result, you can achieve some great wobble effects. It also features tape machine noise which is popular for lofi beats.

6. Izotope Vinyl

Price: FREE

Izotope’s Vinyl plugin is one of those plugins you’ll find in every producers tool box. It’s been around for several years. However, as of 2020 they have released a new update. This update features a sleek new user interface.

With this plugin you can easily turn your audio into a lofi vibe. It allows you to add dust, scratch, and warp to your projects.

7. Textures

Price: $29

Textures is our first FX plugin we’ve released. This plugin is a light weight plugin that layers your audio with lofi textures. For example, you can layer your tracks with vinyl crackle, mechanical dust, and ever foley soundscapes with a few clicks.

Textures gives you the ability to quickly add lofi characteristics to any audio file.


In conclusion, these are our favorite lofi plugins for 2020. Any producer who’s looking to create some lofi beats will benefit with these plugins.