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Rent To Own VST Plugins

What are Rent to Own VST Plugins?

Rent to own is a payment service first introduced to VST plugins around 2017. As a result, instead of paying full price for a plugin you can make small monthly payments.

After a certain period of time, your small payments will equal up to the plugins full price. Therefore, you will own the VST plugin and you’ll no longer have to make payments.


The VST Plugin’s full price is $200. Instead of paying a flat fee of $200 you pay $25 per month for 8 months. After 8 months you own the plugin.

The rent to own VST plugin service makes buying plugins affordable. Instead of waiting to save up $600 for a plugin, you can grab it the day you need it for a fraction of the price upfront.

The best part is the system does not require credit check. It also does not charge interest. Lastly, you can cancel anytime.

Where can you Rent to Own Plugins?

Since the service is fairly new only a few websites offer it. However, most of these websites offer high demand plugins.

We’ll break down which websites currently offer rent to own VST Plugins. Similarly, we’ll list the best plugins they have available.

Splice’s Rent to Own

Other companies may have offered this service before. However, Splice was the first company to introduce this service on a large scale. Therefore, there number one on our list. There are currently 50 plugins and 1 DAW available to rent and own.

Top plugins available:

$9.99/mo. for 19 Months. Full price $189

$4.44/mo for 20 Months. Full price $99.95

$9.99/mo for 15 Months. Full price $96.00

$9.99/mo for 20 Months. Full price $199

$16.99/mo for 24 Months. Full price $400

LANDR Rent to Own Plugins

LANDR has become a big name in the industry. For the last few years, they have been working towards becoming a one stop shop for musicians. As a result, they offer a lot of music tools and services.

Recently, in 2019 they introduced their rent to own vst plugins service. Since the release was recent they don’t have a lot of plugins available just yet. However, keeping an eye on their site may be worth it. We assume they will be uploading big brand-name plugins soon.

Until then, here are the plugins they currently offer:

$7.98/mo for 18 Months. Full price $99.00

$9.99/mo for 20 Months. Full price $199.00



Modern day music continues to become easier and easier. Years ago you needed to pay for expensive studio time to get the tools needed to make pro music. However, today if you own a laptop you can make music. To make things even better rent to own plugins allow you to get started on a low budget.

Currently, only two companies offer this service. However, we think as the years go on more and more companies will catch on. There are other companies out there that offer similar services. However, they require credit checks and interest payments. In our opinion, rent to own vst plugins is the best way to get access to top plugins at an affordable rate.


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