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5 Ways To Make Money Selling Beats Online In 2020

Trying to figure out how to sell beats online in 2020? If you’ve searched the topic you’ve probably came across the same articles.

Selling licenses to your beats through your website or through platforms like BeatStars is what everyone is doing.

However, we wanted to give you some unique ways of selling beats online. These techniques are low-key and with the right effort they can make you a living in 2020.


Every heard of Upwork? It is a website where small to medium sized businesses go to hire creative talent.

The site is highly populated with graphic designers and tech gurus. However, there is a high demand and low competition on the site for music production.

Business owners (with large budgets) post jobs on here constantly looking for music producers. One popular service they look for is background music for videos, commercials, etc. If you’re sitting on top of a large catalog you can easily make a consistent income off of this site alone.


During 2019 we’ve seen a new online market emerge and grow. Platforms created specifically for videographers to find beats for their videos. Some of these sites will allow you to set your own price. The rest of them will pay you royalties per download. Do not over look this in 2020!

Currently there is about 5 large platforms that offer this. You should submit your unused beats to all of them. That’s at least 5 new income streams for your music and trust me that revenue adds up. The best part is this can be completely passive for you. The platforms do all the marketing and customer care for you. All you have to do is provide the beats!


The year is 2020. You literally now have the power to release your own music and collect all your royalties for it. Therefore, you don’t even need to sell your beats online with Tunecore. You make money off listeners! The days of needing a label to do this for you are over. So take advantage of it!

Take all your beats that are hard for artists to layer vocals on and put them into a beat tape. Simply upload the tape through Tunecore and collect money off streams passively. You can get your tape released on all the popular streaming platforms. Also, not only will this make you some extra income but it will also give you exposer.


Taz Taylor the founder of Internet Money first started by selling beats online through cold email.

Cold emailing is usually the first thing people think about when trying to sell their beats to artists. Most try it and most fail.

This leads people to believe that cold emailing dose not work. Well, that’s incorrect. Cold emailing is actually highly effective when done right.

You’re going to fail and waste time if its not genuine. That means you can’t stuff 1,000 emails into one email and shoot it out. It needs to be personal. The most effective way is to set your email up something like this:

Hey (persons name),

Love your music especially your song (insert one of their song names here). I would love to work with you. Here are some snippets of my beats below.

Insert your beat snippets to the email and send it away. If their interested in you they’ll ask more about your beats and that’s when you hit them with pricing. Now you can do this in many different ways. This is just an example.

However, the point of the example is to analyze the personal attention. You mention their name and one of their song names. It makes it natural and genuine. Plus it’s fairly simple & friendly.

You can find artists emails by simply surfing the internet. I recommend heading over to Datpiff. Search artists names you find on there on Instagram. Grab their email there or better yet hit their DMs.

They key here though is to not be spammy. Be real & honest and show them the value you have to offer!


Sound Better is fairly new. To our understanding it’s just like Upwork but targeted towards musicians. For example if I’m an artist looking for a record producer for my album I’d post a job on Sound Better. We can’t say yet how profitable this site is but it can’t hurt to put yourself on there.


In conclusion.

Selling beats online has grown a lot in popularity over the years. The best news is there are plenty of ways for music producers to make money off their beats online. As a result, new ways are always forming.

We hope you find these tips valuable. Don’t be afraid to give them a try. It’s better to try, fail & learn. Then to not try at all and fail automatically.