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LoFi Beats – Ultimate List Of LoFi Playlists

Lofi Beats is a niche genre of music that continues to grow in popularity. Millions of ordinary people listen to playlists of lofi beats on a daily basis.

Many users listen while they study, work, and unwind.

Over the years, Lofi Hip Hop Beats have been the top trending sub-genre of lofi beats. However, many ordinary listeners don’t know about the handful of other sub-genres that branch off from lofi beats.

We have gathered together an ultimate list of some of the best lofi playlists to listen to.

Whether you’re just a listener or a music producer looking for fresh new lofi inspiration, this article will help bring you to a new chilled-out realm.

By the way, some of these playlists are kind of hidden gems 😉

Lofi Hip Hop Beats To Study To

We’ll start the list with the most popular search for lofi: Lofi Hip Hop beats to study to. This list contains groovy, mellow, and jazzy beats inspired by the golden age of Hip Hop. However, we’ll keep this list short so we can focus this article more on those hidden gem playlists.

NK Music – Lofi Beat Tape

This playlist comes combines a collection of lofi beats produced by NK music. With this playlist you can expect to experience some mellow, jazzy, and smooth rhythms. Personally, I have had track 2 and track 3 on repeat.

Chillhop Music – City Escape

This playlist is a great playlist for some mellow nights. As a result, these lofi beats are great to play in the background as you smoothly check off your late night to do list. Go to track 2 and listen to the guitar melody, you won’t regret it.

Rap Vocals Over Chill Lofi Beats

Did you know that there are plenty of popular songs that have been remixed to be lofi? In this list I’ll list out some great playlists of rap music that has been remixed over chilled out lofi beats.

MF Doom – Lofi Villan

MF Doom was an underground rapper who became popular in 2004. He became popular for his alternative style of rap. This playlist takes vocals from some of MF dooms most popular songs. Those vocals are then layered on chill lofi hip hop beats.

Popular Drake songs but over lofi beats. Go to the beat at 41:17 of this playlist….trust me 🔥



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Lofi Deep House Beats

Besides Hip Hop beats this is one of my favorite sub-genres. Its the perfect mixture of chill and groove. These beats will not only calm the nerves but also lift up your mood.

David Bulay – Deep Lo-Fi House

Hillside Drive – Lofi House Mix


In today’s fast paced world people are desperate for ways to relax and unwind. As a result, people are also in search of ways to remain focused despite the thousands of distractions that we face daily.

Lofi music has continued to grow due to the effects it has on it’s listeners. Listening to this style of music is a great way to relax your body and focus your mind.

On the other hand, if you are an inspiring music producer this is a great genre to dive into. It’s easy to learn and enjoying to make.

If you want to start making your own Lofi beats check out our newest virtual instrument Lofi Panda. This instrument gives you instant access to hundreds of sounds.

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