Classic electric pianos that will bring a warm, soulful feeling to your collection of Lofi Panda 3 instruments

A Blend Of Warm, Soft, & Gritty Electric Pianos

22 additional sound sources and 26 presets for Lofi Panda 3

Instruments sampled from 4 different electric pianos, processed for lofi warmth

Textural noises specifically designed for layering onto electric pianos

Factory Presets Included:

  • Digital (3 presets)
  • Mark I (11 presets)
  • Mark II (7 presets)
  • Rocky Mount (6 presets)
  • Wurli (4 presets)

Easily Create Warm Soulful Chord Progressions & Melodies With Timeless Electric Pianos

Electric Pianos are timeless instruments that never get old. We sampled 4 vintage electric pianos at multiple mic positions. Then we taped them, warped them, and processed them to highlight the nostalgic characteristics each piano held.


Size: 1.24  GB
Number of Sounds: 32 Multi-Sampled Sound-sources
Number of Presets: 26 Presets
Preset Categories: Digital, Mark I, Mark II, Rocky Mount, Wurli
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.14 to macOS 13+ (64-bit)

Windows 10 to Windows 11+ (64-bit)

Works With: Lofi Panda 3