Traditional Japanese instruments recorded at multiple levels, meticulously taped, and processed for crafting Lofi melodies inspired by Japanese music

A Blend Of Traditional Japanese String & Flute Instruments

33 additional sound sources and 34 presets for Lofi Panda 3

Instruments sampled from traditional Japanese instruments, processed and taped for Japanese influenced productions

Plucked strings, multi-sampled flutes, and unique textural noises

Factory Presets Included:

  • Stringed (26 presets)
  • Woodwind (8 presets)

Sound Sources:

Guzheng, Koto , Two Stringed Violin, Flutes, Noise Textures, 3 Sound Designed Synths

Easily Create Japanese Inspired Lofi Melodies With Soft & Relaxing Instruments

We took instruments from Asia, mostly those influenced by Japan. We sampled, processed, and designed them for modern beats. This expansion features plucked, stringed, and woodwind instruments for creating Japanese-influenced top melodies in your lo-fi beats, hip-hop beats, or electronic productions.


Size: 1.24  GB
Number of Sounds: 33 Multi-Sampled Sound-sources
Number of Presets: 34 Presets
Preset Categories: Stringed, Woodwind
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.14 to macOS 13+ (64-bit)

Windows 10 to Windows 11+ (64-bit)

Works With: Lofi Panda 3