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Hidden Youtube Samples

It may be safe to say that we’ve all been to youtube before for samples. If your planning to make personal beats youtube is the best place for sample digging. We went ahead and dug though youtube ourselves to find the best samples. The list we create is full of old school and catchy samples. These samples can be used for any genre. The key is to get creative with them! We will warn you most of these songs are copyrighted. So you should only sample the songs for personal projects.

16 Female Vocal Samples

Here is a playlist on youtube we found. This playlist contains 16 female acapellas.


180+ Killer Hip Hop Samples

Another playlist containing over 100 samples. Majority of these samples are old school jazz and funk. You can find some killer drum breaks in here and even some melodies to chop.


56 Lofi Jazz Samples

56 lofi jazz samples for hip hop and lofi. You’ll find some rare piano samples in this playlist.


1,000+ Unique Samples

A list of unique samples. Including youtube samples from different parts of the world.


In conclusion, you could spend days on youtube and find some very unique samples. However most copyrighted material will need to be cleared before you release anything. So if you’re just looking to sample for fun youtube is a great place to start.

Check out some of our free samples here.

Also be sure to check out our sample kits here.

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