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Ultimate List of Free Sample Packs – 2020 Edition

Samples have become the forefront of music production. With today’s high demand for music and low attention spans from consumers it’s crucial for producers to have a fast workflow.

Samples help speed things up. You can go from making one beat a day to two or three or more.

They also open up new doors of opportunity. So having a vast library of samples is a very beneficial tool to have.

Now, there is a large amount of free sample packs floating around the internet. Some are easy to find and some are hidden.

Members of our team have been downloading free samples online since 2010. So, trust us when we say we’ve seen them all.

As a result, we now think it’s time to put together the ultimate list of free sample packs.

We’ve hand chosen our favorite sample packs available to download right now. We conducted this list based off the following:

  • Sample Quality
  • Originality
  • Quantity
  • How will it benefit me?

This is a list of the best totally free samples you can download online in 2020.

Note: We will be updating this post throughout the year with new free sample packs.

Billboard Sounds Sample Pack

Genre: Hip Hop / Multi

Samples: Loops, Drum Hits, SFX

This is one of our best free sample packs. We released this pack late 2019 with one goal in mind.

To give everyone a taste of what we offer.

This pack contains samples from a large variety of our premium packs. That’s right, you’re getting a handful of premium-quality samples for free. 

EDM Pack

Genre: EDM / Future Bass

Samples: Construction Kit, Serum Presets, MIDI

The EDM pack is perfect for producers looking to dive into the popular genre of EDM. This may be one of the best free sample packs for learning EDM production.

It contains 1 full construction kit. For those who are unfamiliar a construction kit is basically a full production with all stems. Basically like a remix pack.

On top of that you get one full song MIDI. The MIDI will allow you to learn scales and melodies.

Lastly, you get some unique serum presets. Serum is by far the most used synth in EDM today.

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Free EDM Vocal Bundle

Genre: EDM 

Samples: Construction Kit, Serum Presets, MIDI

This pack is quite similar to the one listed above. However, it comes with some amazing free vocals! In our opinion any free ample pack containing vocals is a must grab. Who doesn’t want some free vocals to mess around with?

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Cobra – Free Hip Hop Sample Pack

Genre: Hip Hop

Samples: Loops, Drum Hits, MIDI

Cobra is a massive free sample pack. Containing over 350 FREE samples. Inside you’ll find some very clean sounding guitar loops, piano loops, and flute loops.

Also, you’ll find a large library of MIDI loops. Including hi-hat midi loops & melodic MIDI loops. This pack is one of our favorite hip hop packs. Simply because it contains such a large amount of samples for free.

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Bad Racket Free Drum Samples

Genre: Multi

Samples: Kicks, Snares, Toms

If you’re looking for some raw studio quality drum samples this is a perfect fit. Inside you’ll find 20+ studio recorded drum samples.

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Survey Sounds 2020

Genre: Hip Hop, House, Cinematic

Samples: Loops, One Shots

Loopmasters is one of the most respected sample providers in the industry. Which is why almost every free sample pack they put out is top notch. As a result, this new sample pack sets a new bar. It contains 1GB of free samples.

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In conclusion, these are our favorite free sample packs of 2020. Some of the best quality samples you can get at no cost. Make sure you bookmark this post on your browser because we will be updating it throughout the year.

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