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Royalty Free Samples – Best Platforms to Download Samples

Today we’ll review the top 3 best subscription based platforms to download royalty free samples.


Recently I was scrolling through Facebook and came across an ad for LANDR. The ad showcased their new sample platform. I quickly went to the comments to see what people had to say. The first comment read “Splice is better”. I then thought to myself. Is splice actually the best platform for royalty free samples? As a result, I decided to review the best subscription based platforms for loops & samples


1. LANDR Samples

Starting Price: $5.99 /m

While reviewing this list of platforms we came across something ironic.

These websites were made to offer royalty free samples. Samples are usually used as a tool for quick inspiration & to speed up work flow.

Ironically you can spend a lot of time surfing these platforms. Especially if you’re looking for a specific style.

That’s why we placed LANDR at #1. LANDR features a tool powered by artificial intelligence.

It’s called Selector.

It learns your taste of music as you begin to browse through the site. Then it recommends samples and loops you’ll personally like. This may be the quickest way to find royalty free samples.

They also feature a lot of samples from popular creators. You can download our royalty free samples on their site here.

Cons: This platform is fairly new so not everyone has the benefit of using it yet.


Starting Price: $9.99

Native Instrument’s features their own royalty free sample platform. It’s called

We placed it number 2 because of its large catalog. You are bond to find a loop or sample you love on this website. Every day hundreds to thousands of samples are released here. Making it a place you can go to on a daily basis to get inspiration.

One of their cons was the fact that it could become time consuming searching through their large catalog. However, recently they’ve released updates featuring recommended sample collections. Also, you can create your own personal collection on the site.

Another major key factor is you can integrate the samples in most of Native Instrument’s software.

3. Splice Samples

Starting Price: $7.99

Splice is by far the most popular platform. It was the first company to introduce the subscription based business model to the royalty free sample market. They also feature sample packs from popular artists.

One of Splice’s biggest areas of focus is their quality control. You can confidently browse this site knowing you’re going to get high quality samples.

However it does come with some limitations.

Most of the providers on Splice are exclusive to Splice. Meaning you can’t find their samples on any other platform besides their personal sites.

This limits the amount of providers they have on their site. It also seems that theres only a handful of providers that actually release sample packs on a consistent basis.

Not Supported In All DAWS!

Something that might turn you away from Splice is the fact that you can’t just download samples straight to your computer. In order to download samples you have to download their desktop app. This makes the process a bit more time consuming especially is you lack space on your computer.

This app is used as a cloud to host your samples. You can drag samples from the app into your DAW. However, not every DAW is supported.

4. Tracklib

Pricing: $50 – $2,500

Unlike the other services listed above Tracklib takes a different approach. Instead of featuring sample packs created by sample labels they feature actual songs. Yes, you can get a license to sample an actual song. They feature a lot of vintage classic songs which are perfect for Hip Hop producers.

Instead of paying a monthly subscription you have to purchase an individual license per song. These license range from $50 – $2,500. Note that some of these songs won’t be totally royalty free. However, there is some songs featured that are royalty free. If you have the budget and a hunger for old school songs this platform will be a good fit.

In conclusion, subscription based websites for royalty free samples can be very beneficial. You get access to a large amount of samples for half the price of a sample pack.

Download our free samples: Click Here

Learn more about royalty free samples here.


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