Thank you for stopping by and showing interest in our NFT project. ‘Lofi Vibes’ is our first NFT collection. On this page we will outline the fine details of owning a ‘Lofi Vibes’ NFT. 

First Buyer’s Unlockable Content:

If you are the first buyer of one of our NFTs you will get access to a personalized discount code. This code has no expiration date and has no limits

The code will grant you 100% off our whole store. That means you can get any product without paying a dime. This applies to all of our current products and future products. So in other words, you’ll never pay us for one of our products again 👀

As we release new products into our store this unlockable content will grow in value. 

License Granted:

When you purchase one of our NFTs you will be granted a Creative Commons License for the music and visual art.

This license lets you distribute, remix, adapt and build upon the original work for commercial purposes or personal. 

You can learn more about the license here


Each NFT featured in our Lofi Vibes collection holds a substantial amount of intellectual value. Unlike other NFTs that are quickly and effortlessly generated by AIs you are receiving a rare and unique work of art created by humans

Each illustration is hand-drawn before digitally illustrating. Each audio loop is produced by music producers. Each individual sound used in the audio loops are sound designed by Clark Audio.

Each NFT is one of a kind. We will never re-release previous NFTs. Therefore, each NFT is considered rare. The value of your NFT will grow as our company and brand grows and at any point you can sell or trade your NFT.


If you have any additional questions about our ‘Lofi Vibes’ NFT collection please feel free to reach out to our support team.