When you purchase a plugin from us a download button will be added into your account’s download section.

This button will directly download the plugin to your desktop. Some of our plugins are large in size (over 1GB). Therefore, you need to make sure you are connected to a fast and reliable network before downloading.

If your internet network is slow this will result in your download time being longer. To avoid ‘corrupt’ file downloads make sure you do not interrupt the download.

Most download issues stem from lack of network speed or interrupted download. Please check these issues before contacting support. However, if you are still experiencing issues after checking you can contact our support and we will provide you will alternative ways to download.

Our plugins are not standalone plugins. Therefore you need a digital audio workstation that supports VST, VST3, and AU plugins.

Our plugins will work in all major digital audio workstations (DAWs).

Here is a list of some of the most popular DAWs our plugins are compatible with:

Fl Studio, Logic Pro, Garageband, Cubase, Ableton Live, Studio One, Maschine, Tracktion, Reaper, Bitwig, MainStage, Reason, Adobe Audition, Music Maker by Magix, +more

By default our plugin installers are designed to install the plugin files into your computer systems default VST, VST3, and AU folders. You need to make sure you DAW is scanning these folders when searching for new plugins.

Sometimes users move their plugin files to alternative folders and have there DAW only scan these alternative folders. If you do this you need to change the files installation folders when you run our plugin installers. If you fail to do this then the plugin files will be installed in the default location resulting in your DAW not finding them.

Please make sure the folders your DAW is scanning are the same folders where the plugins files were installed.

Yes, our plugins are compatible with the latest macOS update

The installation process for our plugins is very simple. We include installers with each plugin. All you have to do is run these installers and your plugin files will be installed. This process takes about 30 seconds.

Additionally, detailed and troubleshooting installation guides are provided with each download.

Some of the older versions of our plugins can be found on our third party retailer websites. However, we recommend you only download our plugins from our website. Our website features the latest versions of our plugins.

If you decide to purchase an older version of our plugins on one of our third party retailers websites you run the risk of the plugin not working on the latest operating systems.


We accept all major credit and debit cards.

When checking out you can choose to purchase with a card or through PayPal.

If you are unhappy for any reason after installing, registering, and using a product, we will issue a full refund within 7 days of your purchase. This policy applies to all products and bundles.

All validated refund requests will be processed within 2–4 weeks. Failure to include all required information may result in a denial of your request or a delay in the processing of your refund.
Please Note:
We can not issue refunds for products purchased from any of our authorized Partners/Resellers/Retailers. Any products purchased with an authorized Partner/Reseller/Retailer should be returned to the retailer from which it was purchased (subject to that retailer’s return policy).

Common Errors

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If you are using the right email please re-set your password and try logging in again.
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Over the past year our website has gone through some major updates including database security upgrades.
In a rare case, accounts may be accidentally deactivated during updates. If the website is telling you you don’t have an account and you are positive your email is correct than your account may have been affected by a website update.
If this is the case go ahead and email our support team. They will help you get your account re-activated.

Promotion codes are often offered exclusively to our email subscribers. The promo code is to be applied upon checkout. Once you get redirected to checkout it will ask you if you have a promo code. This is where you will paste the code


Yes. All samples featured on our website are presented to you with a royalty free license.

You can learn more about this license under the ‘Product License’ section here:

Our sample suites, sample bundles, and sample packs come with 24/bit WAV audio files. These files can be used in any audio editing software that supports WAV files.

Yes. You can download individual samples via our third party partner platforms. Please note you will need a subscription in order to download these samples.