Get 3 Lofi Panda Expansions At A Discounted Price

Save 20% & upgrade your collection of lofi inspired instruments with 3 brand new expansions exclusively for Lofi Panda 3


175 Additional Sound Sources & 200 Additional Presets

Grab the expansion bundle and instantly get access to 175 additional sound sources and 200 additional presets for Lofi Panda 3. Bringing your Lofi Panda 3 sound sources total to 375 and your presets total to 500.


IMPORTANT: You must own Lofi Panda 3 to use these expansion packs.


Size: 9  GB
Number of Sounds: 175 Multi-Sampled Sound-sources
Number of Presets: 200 Presets, 3 Drum Kits
Install Time: Approx. 20mins – 1hr
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.14 to macOS 13+ (64-bit)

Windows 10 to Windows 11+ (64-bit)

Works With: Lofi Panda 3
Installation Path: Expansions will be installed on your root drive. As of right now, you can not move them to external drives